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    The role of inflammation during the transition to lactation in dairy cows

    11/7/18 | 1:18 PM time | Leipziger Messe

    Dr Barry Bradford, a professor at Kansas State University, will present an insight into the role of inflammation during the transition to lactation in cows. He will do so at the ISRP 2019 in Leipzig.

    In 2006, Dr Bradford completed his PhD in animal nutrition at Michigan State University. The same year, he started working his current position as a Professor of Metabolic Physiology at Kansas State University. He oversees a diverse research programme specialised in the areas of dairy nutrition, nutrient metabolism and nutritional endocrinology. His research includes studies on interactions of inflammation and metabolism, signalling effects of nutrients and novel approaches to formulation of dairy cattle rations. Furthermore, Dr Barry Bradford also teaches courses in animal nutrition and physiology at the Kansas State University to more than 180 students per year. With his research Bradford seeks to improve the health and productivity of dairy cattle and to therefore advance the sustainability of animal-derived foods.

    During the session on Inflammation and Immunology at the ISRP 2019, Bradford will give his keynote address “The Role of Inflammation During the Transition to Lactation in Dairy Cows”.

    Photo: pixabay_Hans

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