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    Controlling feed intake of ruminants

    2/6/19 | 3:40 PM time | Leipziger Messe

    The keynote of Dr Björn Kuhla from the Leibniz Institute for Farm Animal Biology focuses the hypthalamic integration of metabolic, inflammatory and endocrine signals for controlling the feed intake of ruminants.

    Dr Björn Kuhla studied at the University of Rostock where he received his diploma in chemistry. After earning his diploma, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Bayer AG's Agricultural Centre Monheim, the University of Rostock Insitute of Anatomy and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Clinical Research at the University of Leipzig. During this period he focused on neuroanatomy and neuroimmunological cell biology. Thereafter, he spent time abroad at the Department of Physiology and Biology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, until Dr Kuhla began his work at the "Oskar Kellner" Institute of Nutritional Physiology at the Leibnitz Institute for Farm Animal Biology. He conducted research in the Nutritional Programming Group and subsequently in the field of Feed Intake Regulation. In 2012 he completed his postdoctoral lecture qualification in biochemistry at the University of Rostock.

    At the ISRP 2019, Dr Kuhla will give his lecture about "Hypthalamic integration of metabolic, inflammatory and endocrine signals for controlling feed intake of ruminants" during the session "Regulation of feed and water intake".

    Foto: pixabay_JACLOU_DL

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