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    Keynote speaker

    Absorption and Secretion


    Prof. Dr. Gregory B. Penner
    University of Saskatchewan

    Short-term and long term adaptation of SCFA absorption from the rumen


    PD Dr. Mirja Wilkens
    University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation

    Regulation of intestinal and renal transport of calcium and phosphorous in ruminants

    Biosensors and Big data management


    Jan Dijkstra
    Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands and University of Guelph, Canada

    Rumen sensors: data and interpretation for key rumen metabolic processes


    Christopher Harold Knight
    University of Copenhagen

    Sensor techniques in ruminants: More than fitness trackers!?

    Gastrointestinal Digestion: Mechanisms and Regulation

    Global change and ruminants

    Inflammation and Immunology

    Lifespan and Productivity


    Dr Joseph Mc Fadden
    Cornell University Department of Animal Science

    Nutrient partitioning and the sphingolipid ceramide in dairy cattle

    Ontogenesis of the newborn ruminant


    Dr Walter Gerrits
    Department of Anical Scineces, Wageningen

    Carbohydrate digestion and metabolism in growing calves

    Regulation of feed and water intake

    Reproduction, lactation and growth


    Urban Besenfelder
    University of Veterinary Medicine

    Environmental impact on early embryonic development


    Helene Lapierre
    Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre in Québec

    Fate of amino acids from absorption to milk protein

    Ruminant intermediary metabolism

    Ruminants and Comparative Physiology


    Prof. Dr. Walter Arnold
    University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

    Seasonal differences in the physiology of wildlife ruminants


    Prof. Dr. Marcus Clauss
    University of Zurich

    Comparative methane production in terrestrial vertebrates

    The rumen as mediator between diet and host metabolism


    Prof. Jamie Newbold
    Scotland`s rural Collage (SRUC)

    Ruminal microbiome and microbial metabolome: Effects of diet and host

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