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    Nutritional regulation of intestinal starch and protein assimilation

    7/30/18 | 3:27 PM time | Leipziger Messe

    How does nutritional regulation affect intestinal starch and protein assimilation? This is the question Dr David L. Harmon from the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at the University of Kentucky asked.

    Dr David L. Harmon studied at The Ohio State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His M.S. thesis dealt with ‘Acidosis, lactate and mineral metabolism associated with high concentrate feeding’. His dissertation focused on the „‘D(-)lactate metabolism in beef cattle’. After finishing his PhD, he worked at the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University. Dr Harmon has been conducting research and giving lectures in Kentucky since the early nineties. His courses range from fundamentals of nutrition to analytical techniques in animal science and advanced ruminant nutrition. His research programme has dealt with identifying relationships between diet digestion, gut metabolism and nutrient absorption in ruminants and companion animals. In addition to his teaching and research activities, Dr Harmon is a member of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (Kansas State University and University of Kentucky) and Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Kentucky.

    At ISRP 2019, the expert on Animal and Food Sciences will give a lecture on the nutritional regulation of intestinal starch and protein assimilation during the session ‘Gastrointestinal Digestion: Mechanisms and Regulation’.

    photo: pixabay_distel2610

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