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    • Sensors techniques in ruminants: More than fitness trackers!?

      (10/04/2018) Dr Chris Knight, who earned a reputation for his innovative research, studied the benefits of sensor techniques in ruminants. The Emeritus Professor of Production and Animal Physiology at the University of Copenhagen will discuss his findings at the ISRP 2019.

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    • Rumen sensors: data and interpretation for key rumen metabolic processes

      (10/04/2018) How can one collect and interpret data for important metabolic processes in the rumen? This is the question that Dr Jan Dijkstra, an associate professor at both the Animal Nutrition Group from Wageningen University & Research (the Netherlands) and in the Department of Animal Biosciences at University of Guelph (Canada), will answer.

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    • Fate of amino acids from absorption to milk protein

      (10/04/2018) At ISRP 2019, Dr Hélène Lapierre, a research scientist at the Sherbrooke Research and Development Centre in Québec and part of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, will explore how protein and energy intake affect amino acids.

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    • Environmental impact on early embryonic developement

      (10/04/2018) Dr Urban Besenfelder, Associate Professor at th University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, analysed which impacts the environment has on the embryonic development. He will be presenting his findings at the ISRP 2019 in Leipzig.

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    • Call for Abstracts – Be part of the ISRP 2019

      (08/07/2018) From now on you have the chance to be part at the conference programme. Abstracts for short communications or posters are welcome until March 31, 2019.

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    • Nutritional regulation of intestinal starch and protein assimilation

      (07/30/2018) How does nutritional regulation affect intestinal starch and protein assimilation? This is the question Dr David L. Harmon from the Department of Animal and Food Sciences at the University of Kentucky asked.

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    • Regulation of intestinal and renal transport of calcium and phosphorous

      (07/12/2018) Mirja Wilkens from the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover has been working in the field of homoeostatic calcium mechanisms for more than ten years. At the ISRP 2019, she will present information about the Regulation of intestinal and renal transport of calcium and phosphorous in ruminants.

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    • Adaption of SCFA absorption from the rumen

      (07/12/2018) The Associate Professor and Centennial Enhancement Chair in Nutritional Physiology, Dr Gregory Penner (University of Saskatchewan), researched the short- and long-term adaptation of SCFA absorption from the rumen. He will present his findings on ISRP 2019.

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    • Research of rumen methanogenesis – What have we learned?

      (07/12/2018) Dr Karen Beauchemin from Canada (University of Alberta et al) will give a lecture in the session "Gastrointestinal Digestion: Mechanisms and Regulation" on research results in the field of inhibition of rumen methanogenesis.

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    • Leipzig– Pulsating metropolis at the heart of Europe

      (07/09/2018) Leipzig is a lively European Metropolis – cosmopolitan and friendly. This city, with its rich tradition as a centre of trade and as a university town, is now animated by a new economic dynamism, represented by such famous names as Porsche, BMW and DHL. It is a city on the up, which not only offers its visitors a large number of sights and attractions to delight them, but also has ist own unmistakable charm.

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