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    Welcome to Leipzig

    A pulsating Metropolis at the heart of Europe

    © LTM - Andreas Schmidt


    Welcome to the small but fascinating city of Leipzig, located 185km south-west of Berlin.

    This central German metropolis is one of the fastest-growing in Germany in terms of population growth. At the same time, Leipzig still remains what it always was: a hospitable, down-to-earth city.

    Leipzig offers its visitors a large number of sights and attractions to delight them, but also has its own unmistakable charm.

    A thrusting economic, conference and cultural city that is fast making a name for itself: Only in 2015 UK daily “The Guardian” recommended Leipzig as one of its 40 hot destinations worldwide.

    Discover Leipzig

    The booming city of Leipzig is one of the greenest in Germany. The urban area includes 3,400 hectares of public green space and woodland. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most important composers in the history of music, lived and worked in Leipzig for almost three decades. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    The famous “Thomanerchor” choir still, to this day, presents a living reminder of Bach’s great art and is not to be missed. Photo: Leipziger Messe - Waltraud Grubitzsch
    Science has been at home in Leipzig for centuries. Research is omnipresent here, be it at Germany’s second-oldest university with its renowned faculty of veterinary medicine, or in places such as the Max Planck Institutes, the Fraunhofer Institutes or the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    9 October 1989 is arguably the most important date in modern German history: a memorable day, which heralded, in Leipzig, the end of the GDR regime. At the time, more than 70,000 of the city‘s inhabitants assembled in a mass demonstration, stretching from St. Nicholas Church to the inner city ring road. The Peaceful Revolution is the memorable event, which led, finally, to the fall of the Berlin Wall and to German Reunification. Photo: Bundesarchiv - Friedrich Gahlbeck
    Leipzig’s opera tradition dates back to 1693. The Opera House is the third oldest civilian music theatre stage in Europe. Today its programme includes a wide range of works from Baroque to modern operas and ballets. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    The prince of German poets, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, very much enjoyed the student life in Leipzig in his time. We are reminded of this, too, in the literary memorial to Auerbachs Keller, one of the oldest taverns in the university town, which he worked into his masterpiece “Faust”. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    Leipzig Central Station, one of Europe's largest railway termini, was turned into a modern shopping centre. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    Leipzig owns more than 15,000 cultural relics, eighty percent of which date back to the Gründerzeit (Wilhelminian Era), the period in Germany at the end of the 19th century that was marked by rapid industrial expansion. Leipzig boasts the largest stock of Gründerzeit or Jugendstil (art nouveau) buildings – still intact – in whole Germany. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    Leipzig’s dynamic art scene enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. Its prime site, Spinnerei, a former cotton mill in the trendy Plagwitz district, is home to countless galleries and ateliers. Key figure of the so-called “New Leipzig School” is artist and professor Neo Rauch – the waiting list for his paintings seems to be getting longer by the day. Photo: Leipziger Messe - Waltraud Grubitzsch
    Visitors can look forward to more than 35 stages, theatres, cabarets, variety theatres and concert halls, as well as over 60 museums and galleries. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    Leipzig with its rich tradition as a centre of trade and as a university town, is now animated by a new economic dynamism, represented by such famous names as Porsche, BMW and DHL. Photo: Porsche
    Leipzig is crisscrossed by numerous streams and canals. On a boat trip visitors could discover the whole city. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
    After an exhausting conference day, more than 1,400 restaurants, bars and cafés invite visitors to come into the vibrant old town to recharge their batteries and to relax. Thanks to the magnificent 19th century arcades, shopping is elevated to an aesthetic experience. Photo: Andreas Schmidt
    One of the main attractions is the Zoo Leipzig where modern methods of keeping wild animals are practised, for example at the spectacular “Gondwanaland” enclosure. The Pongoland project, on which scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology are tracking great ape behaviour, is unique. Photo: LTM - Andreas Schmidt
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