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    Poster Session III

    9/4/19 | 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM time

    Agenda Type
    Poster session
    Comparative and Integrative Physiology, Ruminant intermediary metabolism

    P 82 : Dietary and faecal Ca/P ratios in hindgut and foregut fermenters (Linda Böswald, Munich, DE)

    P 83 : Diets supplemented with various lipid sources differently affect selected milk metabolites concentrations in cows and goats (Laurence Bernard, St Genès-Champanelle, FR)

    P 84 : Milk molecular species of triacylglycerols characterization by lipidomic approach in cows and goats fed diets supplemented in various lipid sources (Hélène Fougere, St Genès-Champanelle, FR)

    P 85 : Effects of dietary supplementation of rumen-protected L-tryptophan on growth performance and physiological responses in steers during cold environment (Jae-Sung Lee, Seoul, KR)

    P 86 : Clustering based on liver and blood metabolite concentrations suggests cows are susceptible or resistant to early postpartum metabolic disorders. (Ryan Pralle, Madison, WI, US)

    P 87 : “MitoCow” - Effect of dietary L-carnitine on haematological profiles in dairy cows with special emphasis on parturition. (Susanne Ursula Daniels, Braunschweig, DE)

    P 88 : Hormones and bone turnover in nutritionally restricted growing cattle (Tiago Alves Correa Carvalho da Silva, Toowoomba, AU)

    P 89 : Impact of starch and sugar addition into the diet on feed intake, body weight and digestibility in addax (Addax nasomaculatus) (Paweł Górka, Krakow, PL)

    P 90 : Rapid field-test for the quantification of vitamin E, β-carotene, and vitamin A in whole blood of dairy cattle (Morteza Hosseini Ghaffari, Bonn, DE)

    P 91 : Diet supplemented with various lipid sources similarly modulate methane emissions in dairy goat and cow (Cécile Martin, St Genès-Champanelle, FR)

    P 92 : Development of the erythrocyte phenotype and blood biochemistry in dairy calves during the first ten weeks of life (Lennart Golbeck, Hanover, DE)

    P 93 : A study on Relationship of Blood Metabolites and Carcass Traits in Hanwoo Steers (Min Ji Kim, Chuncheon, KR)

    P 94 : Study on the Relationship between Metabolic Profile Test and Performance of Holstein Cows According to Lactation Stage and Parity (Gi-Hwal Son, Chuncheon, KR)

    P 95 : Oleic acid and PPARγagonist ciglitazone alter expression of adipogenic genes and convert bovine satellite cells to myoblasts and adipogenic cells (Xiang-Zi Li, Yanji, CN)

    P 96 : Impact of fructose supplementation on feed intake, nutrient digestibility and retention time of digesta in Reeves’s muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi) (Marcin Przybyło, Krakow, PL)

    P 97 : Hepatic gene expression of fatty acid oxidation and carnitine metabolism in lipopolysaccharide challenged dairy cows receiving a L-Carnitine supplement (Mohamadtaher Alaedin, Bonn, DE)

    P 98 : Long-term differential implications of pre- and early postnatal malnutrition on developmental and functional traits of adipose tissues in adult sheep (Sharmila Ahmad, Copenhagen, DK)

    P 99 : A meta-analysis of the impact of the Aspergillus oryzae fermentation product on dairy cow performance (Ignacio Rodolfo Ipharraguerre, Buenos Aires, AR)

    P 100 : Impact of induced negative energy balance on the feed sorting behavior of dairy cows (Trevor DeVries, Guelph, CA)

    P 101 : The cell line BFH12 as an in-vitro model for bovine hepatosteatosis (Kristin Reichelt, Leipzig, DE)

    P 102 : A reduced protein diet modulates enzymes of vitamin D and cholesterol metabolism in young ruminants (Alexandra Muscher-Banse, Hanover, DE)

    P 103 : Influence of glucose and macrophages on growth hormone receptor expression in primary bovine hepatocytes (Marion Schmicke, Hanover, DE)

    P 104 : Exposure of primary bovine hepatocytes to physiologically relevant fatty acid profiles have altered gene expression (Sophia Erb, Madison, WI, US)

    P 105 : The effect of fatty acid profiles mimicking timepoints across the transition period on lipolytic protein abundance in primary bovine hepatocytes (Sophia Erb, Madison, WI, US)

    P 106 : The influence of short chain fatty acids and ß-hydroxybutyrate on gluconeogenic processes in the bovine liver cell line BFH12 (Anna-Maria Sittel, Leipzig, DE)

    P 107 : Nutri-proteomic effects of conjugated linoleic acid on the phospho-proteome of abdominal and subcutaneous adipose tissues from transition dairy cows (Maya Zachut, Rishon Lezion, IL)

    P 108 : Effect of milk replacer feeding intensity on energy metabolism in dairy calves (Lisa-Maria Tümmler, Dummerstorf, DE)

    P 109 : Effect of zearalenone treatment on lipid metabolism in primary culture of ketotic bovine hepatocytes in vitro (Justyna Barć, Krakow, PL)

    P 110 : Early lactating primiparous cows have stronger acidosis index and liver damage as multiparous cows fed the same high concentrate diet (Nicole Reisinger, Tulln, AT)

    P 111 : The relationship between hair fatty acid profile and energy balance in early lactating multiparous cows (Ramona Möller, Berlin, DE)

    P 112 : Reducing milking frequency from three to twice daily during the first month postpartum improves the metabolic status and reduces stress (Uzi Moallem, Rishon Lezion, IL)

    P 113 : Dietary fatty acids effects on the fatty acid composition of erythrocytes in dairy cows fed a corn based ration (Manfred Mielenz, Dummerstorf, DE)

    P 114 : Days on feed and dietary starch may impact pancreatic islet morphology and plasma insulin concentrations in feedlot steers (Katie M. Wood, Guelph, CA)

    P 115 : Gene expression in the skeletal muscle of Bos taurus and Bos indicus steers undergoing compensatory gain (Simon Quigley, Gatton, AU)

    P 116 : Metabolic variables and DNA polymorphism of leptin and IGFBP-3 gene in relation to residual feed intake in buffalo calves (Jyotsana Madan, Hisar, IN)

    P 117 : Deduction of reference values for parameters in blood and urine of dairy cows (Sina Kiel, Grub/Poing, DE)

    P 118 : Effects of excess and limited dietary nutrition during whole period of gestation on organs development in Wagyu cattle. (Takafumi Gotoh, Kagoshima, JP)

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