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    Poster Session II

    9/4/19 | 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM time

    Agenda Type
    Poster session
    Gastrointestinal Digestion: Mechanisms and Regulation

    P 40 : Effects of wet distillers grains on dry matter intake, digestibility and ruminal fermentation in beef cattle (Otávio Machado Neto, Botucatu, São Paulo, BR)

    P 41 : Effect of clay minerals on the bioavailability of dietary zinc in rumen fluid and duodenal chyme in vitro (Maria Schlattl, Freising, DE)

    P 42 : Glyphosate does not affect rumen fermentation, nutrient digestion or mineral metabolism of non-lactating dairy cows under practical feeding conditions (Wilhelm Windisch, Freising, DE)

    P 43 : Effect of mild dietary Cu excess from different Cu sources on Cu metabolism and rumen fermentation characteristics in cannulated cows (Wilhelm Windisch, Freising, DE)

    P 44 : Effects of supplementing amylase and protease to ruminant diet on rumen fermentation characteristics and the rumen microbiota (Wilhelm Windisch, Freising, DE)

    P 45 : Development of salivary IgA secretory ability in weaned calves (Hiroe Takahashi, Sapporo, JP)

    P 46 : Effect of phytogenic feed additives with Performizer® application on milk performance of lactating dairy cows (Poulad Pourazad, Steyregg, AT)

    P 47 : Ruminal fermentation and enteric methane production of legumes containing condensed tannins fed in continuous culture (Kathy Soder, University Park, PA, US)

    P 48 : Effects of different levels of rapeseed cake in the ration of beef cattle on nutrient digestion and nitrogen utilization (Jian Gao, Beijing, CN)

    P 49 : Evaluation of supplemental autolyzed yeast on nitrogen excretion and apparent digestibility of Holstein cows fed a high starch diet (Isabel Müller, Urbana, IL, US)

    P 50 : Effects of maternal supplementation on intestinal gene expression in progenies fed diets with or without high inclusion of rumen-protected fat (Otávio Machado Neto, Lavras, BR)

    P 51 : Effect of Pseudoramibacter boviskoreani sp. nov. supplementation on sub-acute ruminal acidosis induced by feeding high level of concentrate diet (Eun Joong Kim, Sangju, KR)

    P 52 : The rate of disappearance of Hydrocyanic Acid (HCN) from cassava plant parts under drying or silage processing methods (Karen Harper, Gatton, AU)

    P 53 : Precision and additivity of organic matter digestibility obtained with an in vitro multi enzymatic method. (Clementina Álvarez, Ås, NO)

    P 54 : A menthol-containing feed additive induces transcriptomic changes in sheep ruminal epithelium (Jasper N. Schulte, Berlin, DE)

    P 55 : Do methane emissions per unit of digested fibre vary with fibre digestibility? (Marcus Clauss, Zurich, CH)

    P 56 : Exploration of undifferentiated cells in bovine rumen epithelial tissue (Yutaka Suzuki, Sapporo, JP)

    P 57 : Changes in the nitrogen fraction of three tropical forage legumes as affected by ensiling length and temperature (Temitope Alex Aloba, Stuttgart, DE)

    P 58 : Effect of abomasal infusion of exogenous starch-digesting enzymes on small intestinal starch digestibility of lactating dairy cows (Milani Bhagya Samarasinghe, Tjele, DK)

    P 59 : Effects of including increasing amounts of cauliflower in the concentrate of a dairy sheep diet on in vitro ruminal fermentation (María Dolores Carro, Madrid, ES)

    P 61 : Effect of supplemental sodium butyrate on p53 expression in the gastrointestinal epithelium of sheep (Jadwiga Flaga, Warsaw, PL)

    P 62 : Response of growing bulls to increasing levels of cassava meal in a concentrate maize stover diet (Kusmartono K, Malang, ID)

    P 63 : The effects of varying zinc dosages from different feed-grade sources on ruminal gas production ex vivo (Daniel Brugger, Freising, DE)

    P 64 : High-Concentrate Diet-Induced Change of Cellular Metabolism Leads to Decreases of Immunity and Imbalance of Cellular Activities in Rumen Epithelium (Zhongyan Lu, Nanjing, CN)

    P 65 : Effect of Dietary-SCFA on Microbial Protein Synthesis and Urinal Urea-N Excretion Is Related to Microbiota Diversity in Rumen (Zanming Shen, Nanjing, CN)

    P 66 : Ruminal in vitro protein degradation, anti-nutrient reduction, and in vivo digestibility of energy and nutrients in ensiled + toasted pea grains (Martin Bachmann, Halle, a. d. Saale, DE)

    P 67 : Effect of ensiling and toasting of field pea grains on formation of Maillard polymers from lysine and arginine (Martin Bachmann, Halle, a. d. Saale, DE)

    P 68 : Use of combinations of commercial extracts from quebracho, oak and grape tannins to modulate in vitro ruminal fermentation (Pablo G. Toral, León, ES)

    P 69 : Pre-ensiling treatments affect the in vitro rumen fermentation profile, microbiota composition and fibre degradability of lucerne silages (Thomas Hartinger, Bonn, DE)

    P 70 : Effect of rye and wheat grain processing on in situ degradability and intestinal digestibility of protein and starch in ruminants (Patrycja Rajtar, Kraków, PL)

    P 71 : Effect of different types of fibre substituting barley straw on in vitro rumen fermentation of high-concentrate diets for beef calves (Manuel Fondevila, Zaragoza, ES)

    P 72 : In vitro study of the effect of the particle size of fibrous substrates on microbial rumen fermentation (Manuel Fondevila, Zaragoza, ES)

    P 73 : Effect of supplemental rumen-protected Methionine on zootechnical performance of bulls for fattening (Vivienne Inhuber, Freising, DE)

    P 74 : Effect of decortication of oat on chemical composition and in situ rumen and total tract disappearance of protein (Saman Lashkari, Tjele, DK)

    P 75 : Effect of oat decortication, toasting and in combination on protein metabolism of dairy cows (Saman Lashkari, Tjele, DK)

    P 76 : The effect of a sudden dietary starch inclusion increase on metabolic status and milk production in dairy cows (Lorenzo E. Hernández-Castellano, Tjele, DK)

    P 77 : Effects of garlic and cinnamon on in vitro and in vivo rumen adaptation (Marije van Tol, Werkendam, NL)

    P 78 : Effects of garlic and cinnamon supplementation on ruminal methanogenesis and rumen fermentation kinetics determined with the gas production technique (Marije van Tol, Werkendam, NL)

    P 79 : Fatty acid profile in EU ‘HealthyHay’ sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) germplasm and the effect of their tannins on in vitro biohydrogenation (Wilbert Pellikaan, Wageningen, NL)

    P 80 : Rumen pH and redox regulation in cattle grazing forages by learned intake behaviours (Jim Gibbs, Lincoln, NZ)

    P 81 : Effect of harvest time and shredding of grass-clover on feed intake and chewing time in dairy cows (Nikolaj Peder Hansen, Tjele, DK)

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