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    Poster Session I

    9/3/19 | 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM time

    Agenda Type
    Poster session
    Reproduction, lactation and growth

    P 01 : High-fiber by-product feedstuff as a substitute for corn in feedlot diets: dry matter intake, cattle growth and carcass traits. (Otávio Machado Neto, Jaboticabal, BR)

    P 02 : Effects of rumen-protected folic acid supplementation on reproductive performance in ewes (Hailing Luo, Beijing, CN)

    P 03 : Ascorbic acid inhibits oxidative stress of mastitis induced by LPS in mice (Akihiko Hagino, Sendai, JP)

    P 04 : The impact of phantom training systems to habituate heifers to automatic milking systems (Miriam Katinka von Kuhlberg, Leipzig, DE)

    P 05 : A phytogenic feed additive altered the fatty acid profile of beef (Martin Hünerberg, Göttingen, DE)

    P 06 : Effects of centrifugation and cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrin in the soybean lecithin -based extender on quality of the post-thaw Ghezel ram sperm (Hossein Daghigh Kia, Tabriz, IR)

    P 07 : Circulating prolactin concentrations are decreased by reduced energy intake but not by reduced milking frequency in dairy cows around dry-off (Lorenzo E. Hernández-Castellano, Tjele, DK)

    P 08 : Involvement of Cyclin B1 and Cyclin B3 in testicular development promoted by Vitamin E in prepubertal sheep (Yuefeng Gao, Beijing, CN)

    P 09 : Application of principal component analysis and non-hierarchical clusters to study crossbreed Angus-Nellore bulls feedlot finished  (Luis Artur L. Chardulo, Jaboticabal, BR)

    P 10 : Factors affecting birth weight and growth rate of lambs from the Icelandic sheep breed (Jóhannes Sveinbjörnsson, Hvanneyri, IS)

    P 11 : Effects of different dietary NFC/NDF and niacin addition for regulate hepatic gluconeogenesis  of perinatal ewes (Ting Ru, Huhhot, CN)

    P 12 : Extended view on young stock losses in Holstein dairy cattle - First results from the EIP-project “Die Entwicklung des KUH-mehr-WERT Navigators” (Benno Waurich, Groß Kreutz, DE)

    P 13 : Effects of adding different levels of α-tocopherol on post- thaw sperm quality of ram semen (Hossein Daghigh Kia, Tabriz, IR)

    P 14 : Effect of curcumin on post-thaw variables and oxidative status of ram semen (Hossein Daghigh Kia, Tabriz, IR)


    P 16 : Sex steroids increase skeletal growth rate in Bos indicus-crossbred steers but do not affect histological changes in the growth plate (Risa Antari, Pasuruan, ID)

    P 17 : Insulin and magnesium increase the activity of GPDH in bovine adipocytes (Sandra Jurek, Berlin, DE)

    P 18 : Protein fraction distribution and amino acid content in milk of midlactating dairy cows fed hybrid rye grain (Piotr Micek, Krakow, PL)

    P 19 : Can infrared ocular thermography monitor growth in dairy calves? (Miguel Velazquez, Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB)

    P 20 : Can high immune response sires reduce disease in a small UK dairy herd? (Miguel Velazquez, Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB)

    P 21 : Investigations on the influence of different energy concentrations in rations of fattening bulls on different carcass characteristics (Dirk von Soosten, Braunschweig, DE)

    P 22 : Comparison of prepartum diets varying in dietary cation anion difference, potassium and calcium content for prevention of hypocalcemia (Mirja R. Wilkens, Isfahan, IR)

    P 23 : The effect of prepartum treatment with vitamin D3 on mineral homeostasis and energy metabolism in dairy cows (Mirja R. Wilkens, Hanover, DE)

    P 24 : Dietary amino acid regulation of murine lactation is mediated by mTORC1 (Virginia L Pszczolkowski, Madison, WI, US)

    P 25 : The propylene glycol usage in the prevention protocol of subclinical / clinical forms of ketosis in dairy cows (Ciprian-Valentin Mihali, Arad, RO)

    P 26 : Effects of apelin stimulation on cell proliferation and differentiation of myoblast cells from Japanese Shorthorn cattle (Katsuyoshi Sato, Akita, JP)

    P 27 : The antilipogenic effect of t10c12-CLA does not explain marine lipid-induced milk fat depression in dairy ewes: Insights from a meta-analysis (Pablo G. Toral, León, ES)

    P 28 : Effects of dietary energy concentration on feed intake and growth performance of fattening Fleckvieh and Braunvieh bulls (Thomas Ettle, Poing/Grub, DE)

    P 29 : Effects of Rumen-Protected Choline, Propylene Glycol and Monensin Sodium on Blood Parameters of Ghezel Ewes during Late Gestational Food Restriction (Ali Hosseinkhani, Tabriz, IR)

    P 30 : Effect of Prepartum Administration of Propylene Glycol, Monensin Sodium and Choline during Food Restriction Period on Lamb Growth and Development (Ali Hosseinkhani, Tabriz, IR)

    P 31 : Comparison of milk yield and somatic cell count of German and New Zealand dairy cows (Helen Schweizer, München, DE)

    P 32 : The effects of in-feed resin acid inclusion on milk production responses of dairy cows (Piia Kairenius, Jokioinen, FI)

    P 33 : Relationship between milk yield and body and udder characteristics in Bedouin goat reared under the Sahara desert conditions (Salima Charallah, Algiers, DZ)

    P 34 : Effect of season on scrotal temperature, semen characteristics and testosterone in zebu bulls (Marcelo George Mungai Chacur, Presidente Prudente, São Paulo, BR)

    P 35 : Towards the identification of milk fat globule size as a beneficial milk production trait: small and large phenotype characterisation (Leonie Walter, Parkville, AU)

    P 36 : Energy partitioning and body weight change in early lactation dairy cows fed canola meal- or soybean meal-based diets (Kenneth F. Kalscheur, Madison, WI, US)

    P 37 : Supplemental Bovine Lactoferrin and probiotic in Ghezel lambs during the Pre-weaning Phase (Ali HosseinKhani, Tabriz, IR)

    P 38 : Effect of feeding cold-pressed sunflower cake in the concentrate on ruminal fermentation and rumen bacterial community composition (Aser García-Rodriguez, Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES)

    P 39 : Potential use of milk Fourier transform mid-infrared spectra on predicting heat production of dairy cows (Sadjad Danesh Mesgaran, Dummerstorf, DE)

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